To save this word, you'll need to log in. Berg's cases b : an instance that directs attention to a situation or exhibits it in action : example c : a peculiar person : character The gangsters were hard cases.

Noun 1 before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 3a Noun 2 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a Verb circain the meaning defined at sense 1 History and Etymology for case Noun 1 Middle English casfrom Anglo-French, from Latin casus fall, chance, from cadere to fall — more at chance Noun 2 Middle English casfrom Anglo-French case, chasefrom Latin capsa chest, case, probably from capere to take — more at heave entry 1 Keep scrolling for more Learn More about case Share case Post the Definition of case to Facebook Share the Definition of case on Twitter Time Traveler for case.

See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Dictionary Entries near case cascavel casco Casco Bay case Casearia caseation case bay. Accessed 19 Apr. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for case case. Entry 1 of 2 1 a : a civil or criminal suit or action the judicial power shall extend to all casesin law and equity, arising under this Constitution — U. Constitution art.

III — see also controversysmall tax case — case at bar : a case being considered by the court the facts of the case at bar — case of first impression : a case that presents an issue or question never before decided or considered by the court — companion case : a case that is heard with another case because it involves similar or related questions of law — test case 1 : a representative case whose outcome will serve as precedent for future cases and especially for pending cases involving similar or related issues or circumstances and often some of the same parties Note: A test case is selected from a number of cases in order to avoid a flood of litigation.

All of the parties to the cases must agree to accept the outcome of the test case as binding. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. What does capricious mean? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

We have a hard decision to make. Or 'unessential'? And who put it there, anyway? Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Come look at pictures of baby animals.

Can you correctly identify these flowers? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register.More than 34, people with the coronavirus have now died in the United States, according to a New York Times database, a figure that is frequently increasing by more than 2, per day. The high number of deaths comes as hospitals across the country seek scarce protective gear and as political leaders weigh how to reopen parts of the economy.

With the outbreak expected to persist, Americans have been told to wear face coverings in public, refrigerated trucks have supplemented morgues and many summer concerts and festivals have already been cancelled.

As of Sunday morning, at leastpeople across every state, plus Washington, D. The outbreak in this country, which now has the highest number of known cases in the world, has exploded over the last six weeks. At the start of March, with extremely limited testing available, only 70 cases had been reported in the United States, most of them tied to overseas travel.


Over the last two weeks, more than 1, deaths have been announced each day. See our live coverage of the coronavirus outbreak for the latest news.


As the number of known cases reached into the hundreds, then the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands, life all over the country has changed in profound ways. Malls, salons and dine-in restaurants have been forced to close or risk police action. High school proms, college graduations and professional sports have been cancelled or postponed.

Many states have told people arriving from elsewhere to quarantine themselves. And even as politicians began planning to partially reopen parts of the country, they have warned that the pause on communal life could last weeks more, and that the return to work and school would come in stages.

The New York Times is engaged in a comprehensive effort to track the details of every coronavirus case in the United States, collecting information from federal, state and local officials around the clock. The numbers in this article are being updated several times a day based on the latest information our journalists are gathering from around the country.

The Times has made that data public in hopes of helping researchers and policymakers as they seek to slow the pandemic and prevent future ones. See our maps tracking the coronavirus outbreak around the world. With hospitals stretched thin and medical equipment in short supply, the state has turned to Oregon and China for emergency shipments of ventilators. A suburban city in Indiana contributed testing supplies.

People with the virus have died in more than 30 New York counties, including more than victims each in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties. But New York City has fared the worst, with thousands of known cases and hundreds of deaths in each borough. A Navy hospital ship was docked in the city. Field hospitals were set up in Central Park and at a cathedral.

Even as new hospitalizations in the state slowed and the period of explosive, day-over-day growth in case numbers seemed to be ending, familiar routines remained a distant vision. Schools in New York City will not reopen this academic year. Businesses remain shuttered. The state announced that marriages could be performed by video conferencing.

Emergency rooms are less crowded. Andrew M. Cuomo said Saturday. We must keep doing what we're doing. Both Mr. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said a reopening of the economy would be contingent on better testing capacity. Though New York has had by far the most cases, other Northeastern states have also seen their case totals increase rapidly.


New Jersey has the second-highest number of known cases in the country. In Massachusetts, more than 1, new cases and new deaths were announced on Saturday. In Connecticut, more than 1, people have died, more than double the total from a week ago. See how the rate of deaths has changed over time in different states and countries.

Across the country, a pattern has played out with tragic consistency: Someone gets sick in a nursing home.This helps prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed. On a trend line of total cases, a flattened curve looks how it sounds: flat. On the charts on this page, which show new cases per day, a flattened curve will show a downward trend in the number of daily new cases. This analysis uses a 5-day moving average to visualize the number of new COVID cases and calculate the rate of change.

This is calculated for each day by averaging the values of that day, the two days before, and the two next days. This approach helps prevent major events such as a change in reporting methods from skewing the data. The interactive charts below show the daily number of new cases for the 10 most affected countries, based on the reported number of deaths by COVID Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 38, deaths.

Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 23, deaths.

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Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 20, deaths. Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 19, deaths. Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 15, deaths. Since then, the country has reported 37, cases, and 5, deaths.

Since then, the country has reported 80, cases, and 5, deaths. Since then, the country has reported 83, cases, and 4, deaths. Since then, the country has reportedcases, and 4, deaths. Since then, the country has reported 31, cases, and 3, deaths.

World Map Group 4 Created with Sketch. Map Group 4 Created with Sketch. Critical Trends. Has the curve flattened?Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

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New Cases of COVID-19 In World Countries

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Case bundles Case bundles. Eco-friendly protection.You use in case or just in case to say that someone has something or does something because a particular thing might happen. Be Careful! After in case or just in case, you use a simple tense or should.

You do not use 'will' or 'shall'. You do not use 'in case' or 'just in case' to say that something will happen as a result of something else happening. You do not say, for example, ' I will go in case he asks me '. You say 'I will go if he asks me'. You say in that case or in which case to refer to a situation which has just been mentioned and to introduce a statement or suggestion that is a consequence of it.

You do not use 'in this case' to refer to a particular aspect of something. For example, you do not say ' Most of my friends lost their jobs, but I was very lucky in this case '. You say 'Most of my friends lost their jobs, but I was very lucky in this respect '.

Related to case: Case grammar. An instance or occurrence of a particular kind or category: a case of mistaken identity. See Synonyms at example. An occurrence of a disease or disorder: a mild case of flu.

A set of circumstances or a state of affairs; a situation: It may rain, in which case the hike will be canceled. Actual fact; reality: We suspected the walls were hollow, and this proved to be the case. A question or problem; a matter: It is simply a case of honor. A situation that requires investigation, especially by a formal or official body.

Law a. An action or a suit or just grounds for an action. A set of reasons or supporting facts; an argument: presented a good case for changing the law. A person being assisted, treated, or studied, as by a physician, lawyer, or social worker. Linguistics a. In traditional grammar, a distinct form of a noun, pronoun, or modifier that is used to express one or more particular syntactic relationships to other words in a sentence.