Log in or Sign up. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 3, StormFalconSep 3, Damibra likes this. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, Hey guys! How's going? I just discovered a barebone pc manufacturer in my country which is using this TongFang QC7 chassi. I've read all these pages in this topic yesterday and some stuff has come to my mind. But from what I've read, XMG said here at least twice that this laptop will have this function regardless because of Intel. DiegowebSep 8, DamibraSep 8, Diegoweb likes this.

Since I'm unable to edit the first post probably because of anti-spam in this forumI will just rephrase the last part:. DiegowebSep 9, St00pidSep 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Replies: 0 Views: Rage Set Oct 9, at PM. Go buy Ryzen 3 or wait for Intel next best thing? Replies: 4 Views: The TongFang GK7C series offers a lot of screen space and at the same time it is still fairly compact, so that you can work anywhere without sacrificing concessions.

Which is really nice for your environment. In addition, this laptop is equipped with an 9th Generation Intel Core Processor, which offers unrivaled performance for everyday use. Moreover, with this laptop you can play all your games effortlessly, just select the video card that suits you. Thanks to the RGB keyboard you can adjust the background lighting of the keyboard to your desire.

Finally, the price-quality ratio of this device is extremely excellent. Click here to configure. Your review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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[Guide] Intel-TongFang QC7 (aka MAG-15 / Fusion / Element / Vapor 15 Pro)

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Video Controller GPU. One changeable 2.Log in or Sign up. I was just wondering, considering I personally have a Pascal board Last edited: Oct 18, XMG is there any chance we will be able to customize the fan curve, even through unsupported channels? The default one is unfortunately too noisy for my taste With a cpu-only load and 35W PL limit the noise is still ok, but as you increase the PL to 45W the fans are already too noisy even with the gpu off.

Let alone 65W in Enthusiast mode. Things get even worse while gaming, as expected. I'd be happy to trade 10degrees or slightly more aggressive freqs throttling for lower fan noise, especially for cpu-only loads but also for gaming From what I read in one of your posts using the lowest fan profile without crippling the GPU is not possible with Intel's allowed combinations, so I'm looking for an alternative XMG is it true the secondary functions of the f1-f12 keys are not lit?

intel tongfang

Sent from my Moto Z 2 using Tapatalk. Played around with Aftershock Vapor 15 Pro just now and found something interesting. XMGOct 18, Fox likes this. Any idea how many watts the ti uses during gaming? Is a watt adapter enough to power it? The acer helios only comes with a watt brick and its enough to power that. Just trying to see what the smallest brick to carry would be that would still charge the laptop. CreatureCoreOct 19, B0BOct 19, Log in or Sign up. I seem to have misplaced a thermal pad and am now experiencing thermal related crashes.

Avell has just released Control Panel 2. My laptop hasn't arrived yet. DiegowebOct 8, at PM. DjeriiOct 9, at AM. Normally I would dial the undervolt back a bit but google tells me this one is related to SSD drivers. StormFalconOct 9, at PM. Last edited: Oct 11, at AM. DiegowebOct 10, at AM. StormFalconOct 10, at PM. Well turns out the issue was related to my soundblasterx g5 drivers and is a relatively common issue, which is a bit unfortunate.

It's plugged into the power adapter and hasn't been set to any battery saving modes I can't find any option in the bios, to my knowledge it should supply power even when off given it has the battery symbol next to the port? Many thanks Mika. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Replies: 0 Views: Rage Set Oct 9, at PM. Go buy Ryzen 3 or wait for Intel next best thing? Replies: 4 Views: Casowen Oct 10, at AM.

Intel ik p0 5. Replies: 3 Views: Replies: 2 Views: Tyranus07 Sep 20, Replies: 6 Views: Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

Where are all these Walmart laptops coming from? Tongfang is the source

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Comparing them has been somewhat tricky however, as there are less laptops using AMD and often they're relegated to models that are either budget oriented or simply not offering top GPU options.

While this may change in the near future, once AMD solidifies its position as a viable laptop CPU maker, that's the current situation. Today's test is an exciting one for that same reason. Laptop maker XMG recently reached out to offer their machines for testing, saying they offered both Ryzen Mobile and Intel laptops There are slight differences between what each brand offers, especially on the software and configuration side, but the baseline hardware is designed and manufactured by TongFang.

XMG primarily sells into the European market. The remaining hardware is identical. You can configure these systems to your liking, but for this review we're using the two closest configurations possible. This allows for some very interesting benchmarking: for the first time we can definitively do an apples-to-apples comparison of an AMD and Intel laptop configuration in the same design, from an OEM that has spent a significant amount of effort optimizing the experience of both.

Instead, we are seeing exactly what an AMD vs. Intel configuration can do when pushed to the limits with a similar thermal design. Does Intel benefit more from a higher power limit? Can AMD take advantage of higher efficiency? Before going into the benchmarks we want to look at the XMG Core 15both inside and out, and comment on component differences.

While these laptops are built from the same fundamental platform, as you might expect there are considerations made to optimize for AMD and Intel processors. No crappy display here either. The BOE panel has full sRGB coverage and good response times, which make it well suited to both gaming and content creation. Why the difference? Both laptops came configured with 46 Wh batteries. When XMG ships these systems they will be configured with 62Wh cells instead.

Using a Core iH is a bit of an imbalance in configurations when the Core iH exists. Well, the Core 15 is not available in a H model. Most importantly for our test, the vent system is the same on both Intel and AMD models. And there are a lot of vents here. TongFang have thought very carefully about how to get adequate airflow into the cooler, so there are huge vents directly over the fan intakes, open exhaust ports on three sides and even some ventilation over the heatpipes which you can see from the underside of the chassis.

But there are some notable differences for the main components. This leads to some heatpipe layout differences, although the fans and heatsinks are the same. Both models have a heatpipe that connects the left and right coolers. In 7-Zip the difference depends on whether you are doing compression or decompression.

In our Cygwin compile, the AMD system pulled ahead by a significant 42 percent. Meanwhile for Chromium compilation, AMD also has an advantage here, of about 17 percent. What we were most interested in was to explore performance when the workload has a mixture of CPU and GPU utilization.

Adobe Photoshop gets a clear win to the Intel machine. One of the rare wins, although as Photoshop is lightly-threaded it makes sense that the system with higher single-thread performance would come out on top. The AMD system is just 3 percent slower so for someone buying a system for a mixture of productivity, this margin may not be significant enough to warrant going exclusively with the Intel model, but for pure Photoshop users, the Intel system is faster in the Puget benchmark.

We suspect the Intel system has gained ground here as although most of the encoding work can now be done on the Nvidia GPU, Premiere still seems to better utilize the Intel iGPU for periphery tasks like video decoding.Log in or Sign up.

intel tongfang

I went from a pretty consistent hours down to tops. Edit Oct 15th BIOS Removes this "feature" GPU thermal limitation: I have provided substantial evidence to support the concerns regarding this and how it can effect the perception of this laptop ultimately affecting sales and returns. However, this is a collaboration project with intel and it's their BIOS. As of right now, we're trying to get this increased towards the standard 87c. My advice, don't buy this laptop with the expectation of this becoming a reality.

There's so much more to come but for now, feast your eyes on a Stock thermal paste MAG tuned up by yours truly below Apex Legends settings set per my liking of course. CPU UV. JPG File size: 1.

intel tongfang

Last edited: Dec 17, B0BSep 2, TheUberMedicSep 2, I'm mildy worried about the chasis stability, watching dave's video you can see the laptop flex as he moves it about. Tristram13Sep 2, B0B likes this. Wish this was announced sooner. I went with a MBP to hit the near 4lbs mark.

A NEW Level of Gimmick? Gigabyte Aero 15 x9 Review

There was nothing out there except the MSI GS65 8th gen and the flipped mobo was a non-starter for me. I hope more manufactures take its approach. All the current thin and light laptops are nearly 5lb. Lots of thin but not so light. Installed64 and B0B like this. Vasudev likes this.Search titles only.

intel tongfang

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TongFang GK5C 15,6″ high-end gaming laptop

What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter frickingphil Start date Jan 26, Haven't hackintoshed since my old iK build Found myself a new project, an Eluktronics MAG This is my first time ever trying anything to do with ACPI Patching, which was a necessity as no one else seemed to have tried hackintoshing this laptop as of yet.

Last edited: Jan 27, Thanks for sharing!! Have you worked out any of the issues in your original post? I might be trying your guide within the next month, just curious if you had any updates or are possibly still working through them. Last edited: Feb 22, Let me know.